Friday, August 26, 2011



OK.  Uncle.  I say we cancel church for Sunday.   The storm could be such a whopper.   So let's not plan on church for Sunday.  
Because the storm is so large, be aware that it will come to us much sooner than the eye showing on the map.  When the storm center is still three hundred miles to the south of us, we will begin to know it.   The Red Cross put out a warning last night asking everyone to be ready and in the place where they plan to weather the storm by 8 AM Saturday morning.  
Know too that some of the people of Christ Church are already trying to prepare to be available to help out after the storm.  If you need help, you can call me or Ed Greskowiak.   My cell is 371-9382.   Obviously the phones have to be working.  It's possible that the Facebook and email connections will work when the phone doesn't so you can try that too.  I will try to keep abreast of all. 
Meanwhile, stay safe.  

God's Peace,

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