Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hurricane Irene - Important information CEC

                                                                                                August 25, 2011
                                                                                                King Louis of France Day

Beloved of Christ Church:

Well, we appear to be in the week of natural disasters.   If the smoke hasn’t gotten in your eyes and lungs, then perhaps you shook with the earthquake.  And now we await the coming storm and wonder what it will bring.    The smoke and the earthquake have been mostly just nuisances for us.  (Although as you may have heard our National Cathedral suffered some serious if non-structural damage and an Episcopal church in the mountains near where I used to serve has been literally separated out in two by the earthquake.)   The hurricane, however, may be destructive closer to home.  
While the insurance industry may call all of these “acts of God,” we know God’s acts are the ways we have and will love and take care of one another.   Please be sure to let us know at Christ Church –as best you can given possible electrical and telephone outages – if you  have any special needs before or after the storm.  
At present, I plan to hold services on Sunday, but I will not expect anyone to come in who does not feel safe to do so.  Our vestry is at the ready with a new phone tree to call all at church members to let them know should we feel we need to cancel church.  
Let us keep one another and all others who will be blowing about or floating this weekend in our prayers and hearts.   God may not be in the roaring wind or in the flash of wave, but God will be in us through the storm.

God’s Peace,

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