Monday, August 29, 2011


Alleluia, the great storm is over.  Lift up your wings and fly!   (From a great old gospel song that I want sung at my funeral!)  
Now we deal with the aftermath.   I have heard from lots of folks that we are in pretty good shape.  Lots of electricity out and phones out, but no serious damage that I have heard about yet.  Hope that is so!   
The church sustained some minor damage.  The roof work was unfinished which I think has led to a few extra small leaks at the front of the church (over the choir), in the back stairwell, and at the bell tower.   There are some slate pieces blown off the roof at the side of the church, so watch your step if you go that way.  
There was to be an evangelism committee meeting tonight, but I have decided to postpone that.  I will get back to the committee once I know a new date.   I hope everyone gets word of that.  I have not been able to reach all by phone.  I am guessing and hoping that midweek Eucharist, Bible Study, and Thursday evening's meeting of the Worship Committee will be able to  happen without a hitch. 
We have electricity, phone, and internet at church.  If you do not and need water, a chance to charge your cell phone, or anything else we can help with, call the church or me.   Deb and I are both in the office at least some of each day at this point, although we both have some issues at home to deal with too. 
Blessings to you all,

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